Chase leads law to West Central Fresno chop shop

FRESNO, Calif.

The driver managed to get away, but a few hours later a Highway Patrol investigator spotted it under a tarp in the driveway of a home in West Central Fresno.

Auto theft investigator Lenny Sherman of the California Highway Patrol told Action News: "The Honda Accord that ultimately brought us here was stolen just this afternoon out of Madera and was already in a state of being dismantled. The interior was completely gone."

Investigators discovered two other stolen Hondas a 1991 and a 1995 being stripped. One car was being sliced into pieces.

Sherman said shops like this are becoming too common: "They are gonna take whatever parts they can, off the vehicles to make whatever cash they can, for resale, selling them on Craig's List or to less than reputable businesses, and then when they can't actually make any more money off the vehicle or sell anything they start cutting it into pieces and they sell it to recycle yards piece by piece a complete disregard for the vehicle, it's really terrible to see."

Older Honda's like these are worth only a couple thousand dollars as used cars. Stripped and cut they might bring in a thousand dollars for parts and scrap.

Two suspects were arrested at the chop shop. They are identified as Joseph Dunaway, he's 23 and Kyle Borboa, he's' 24. Both are being held in the Fresno County Jail.

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