Google dumps $100mil on new Mountain View office

Google owns most of the buildings spotted in this Google Maps image. At this point, Mountain View should probably change its name to "Google City." (Image: Google Maps)

October 23, 2011 12:05:16 AM PDT
Guess how much Google paid for its newest California office?

Try $100 million, as reported by the San Jose Mercury News on Saturday.

The Mountain View-based company paid for a two-story office building formerly known as 'The Landmark at Shoreline.' The building gives the search engine and web portal giant 240,000 square feet of new space to play with.

According to the newspaper, Google completed the purchase on Oct. 18.

Google has spent at least $225 million for around 15 properties in Mountain View alone, according to documents obtained by the Mercury News. One analyst told the newspaper the purchases were more expansive than those by other tech companies including Apple and Google.

KGO-TV SAN FRANCISCO, CA contributed to this report.