Six candidates vying for three spots in Visalia

VISALIA, California

Incumbents Bob Link and Amy Shuklian are running for their fourth and second terms, respectively. Link says the revitalization of the minor league baseball park and a new downtown business building are some recent successes that he has supported.

Link said, "The history is important to know I've been there and understand how things have worked in the past."

Shuklian said, "I've shown people that I'm a leader who listens I'm somebody who takes in all the information assesses it and doesn't make a decision on what Amy wants and Amy's agenda."

Another familiar face to the ballot is Greg Collins, who was defeated two years ago after serving five terms.

Collins said, "I've been a strong advocate for the public's interest above any special interest and I've paid the price for that a little bit."

Newcomer Luke Feldstein has already gained endorsements by the Visalia Fire Department. The young father of two is an engineer for Tulare County.

Feldstein said, "We want to make sure we keep budgets in place and continue to make this a safe community for our families."

Former Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Director Raymond Macareno hopes he can be a voice for the Hispanic and business communities.

Macareno said, "Just encourage more business participation my focus and what I've done in the past in my current position we aim to helping businesses."

Perhaps the most controversial candidate is J.J. Macrae. The owner of a takeout delivery service has been arrested seven times and spent several days in jail for misdemeanors like DUI, evading a police officer and domestic violence. Macrae says he's a changed man.

Macrae said, "I think with my conservative background even though I have been in trouble and with my business background and my volunteering background of coaching football and basketball in the city of Visalia for the city of Visalia -- leads them down a different path that can represent people."

Six candidates shooting for three spots, in two weeks we'll know who'll be sitting on city council in Visalia.

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