ABC30 unveils "TipNow" service

FRESNO, Calif.

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The service is already available for students at Fresno State. The program is designed to allow people to text, email or phone-in a report of suspicious activity, so authorities can be alerted. University police say "TipNow" has led to arrests of suspects on campus.

Lt. Lupe Canales-Shrum said, "Suspicious activity, maybe around bikes, subjects that don't belong here around campus."

"It is a texting based, anonymous reporting system which is deployed on university campuses, high schools," said Cyril Rayan. "It is deployed also in cities."

ABC30 has now partnered with company founder, Cyril Rayan, to offer "TipNow" to our viewers. You can also let us know about your events by calling or texting us at (559) 475- 8886. You can also send an email to

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