Fresno fatal DUI victim laid to rest, suspect in court

FRESNO, Calif.

Frank Winslow, 54, was killed when California Highway Patrol officers say Perla Vasquez, 24, slammed into his car - causing him to lose control and go off an embankment.

According to court documents just released, this is the suspect's fourth drunk driving offense.

During a memorial service to honor Frank Winslow, his widow and children could not ignore the way he died. They promised to push for tougher laws against drunk driving.

Hundreds packed New Hope Community Church in Clovis to remember a man who loved ones say was large in stature with a heart of gold.

His daughter Hunter, who is a freshman at Clovis North recalled many great times she spent with her dad, swimming, sledding, and hanging out at the beach.

"I'm going to miss all of these things, the way his beard would rub against my cheek," said Hunter Winslow. "His constant bear hug, his Halloween mask up in his closet and his smile and his scent. I will miss you dad and I will never forget the memories we shared. I love you and I always will."

Pastor Tim Rolen shared with the crowd a few of Winslow's favorites, like TV shows, foods, and places he loved to visit. He also highlighted some of his great qualities, like the fact he still called his parents everyday.

Pastor Rolen said, "Our intent today is not to bring a lot of focus and attention to what transpired at the end of last week but to draw attention to those 54 years to where Frank touched your life in so many different and varied ways."

Loved ones say he didn't have an enemy and worked hard to support his family.

His wife, Nancy gave his eulogy. At the end, she reminded everyone about how her husband made good choices, especially when it came to drinking and driving.

"If Frankie had to go to work or get in a vehicle less than 12 hours, he would not even have one beer. He was the poster child for responsibility," said Nancy Winslow. "Unfortunately, he is now somewhat of a poster child for the devastation caused by drunk driving."

Tuesday afternoon in court, Perla Vazquez appeared for the first time. Her arraignment was postponed while family members work to hire a private attorney to represent her. Her mother did not want to comment after the hearing.

Frank Winslow's family members say they are on a mission to change laws so first time DUI offenders serve more time. They say one chance is more appropriate, especially in this circumstance.

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