Safer pumpkin carving this Halloween

FRESNO, Calif.

Consumer Reports has some tips on avoiding a Halloween accident. Pumpkins are slippery and knives are sharp, and that's just a bad combination. Instead, use pumpkin-carving kits, which are widely available.

The tools are smaller and easier to control than a kitchen knife. They can also saw through the rind without being razor sharp. When you're carving, stabilize the pumpkin by holding the top and pointing the blade down as you saw. And be careful not to put your hand inside the pumpkin when you're cutting. Also, while it's tempting to let kids carve, Consumer Reports says leave that to the adults. Have the kids draw the pattern and help clean out the pulp and seeds and leave the knife work to others. This is advice that hopefully will treat you and your family to a happy Halloween!

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