Nov. 1 AM Live Ag Report

FRESNO, Calif.

Under the California's Williamson Act, counties can nullify conservation deals only if it benefits the public. The Farm Bureau says the recent cancellation did not benefit the public.

Fourteen California farms and ranches are now longer at risk of being developed because of a conservation easement program.

The Natural Resources Conservation Service says it has partnered with public and private groups to invest about $20-million in the easement program. The program preserved 5,000 acres of productive California farmland that was otherwise threatened by development.

The North Dakota Farm Bureau is gathering support for a proposed constitutional amendment that would put the right to farm in the state's constitution.

The Farm Bureau says the goal is to protect the future of North Dakota's agriculture industry before animal welfare groups push through unreasonable regulations. But some officials say the proposal might actually hurt farmers by taking away their ability to protect their own property.

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