Occupy Fresno's protest permit to expire

FRESNO, Calif.

Most of the Occupy Fresno protesters say they're willing to go to jail if the county tries to kick them out. The group also made a public plea through Twitter asking for cameras to document any confrontations that may happen if they're evicted.

About 40 Occupy Fresno protesters met in Courthouse Park for a general assembly meeting Sunday evening.

"We're going to remain until the change starts coming, and little by little, city by city it will happen," said Rosendo Rodriguez with Occupy Fresno.

Rodriguez has been with the local occupy group since day one. He and the other protesters are now developing a strategy to avoid being kicked out of the public park they've protested in for about three weeks.

"We have the power to effect the change, we will resist those that will stifle that," said Michael Dominquez with Occupy Fresno.

The group says it will peacefully resist when it's permit to protest expires at 12:01 Tuesday morning. Members say if the Fresno County Sheriff's Office tries to force them out -- they will only go if arrested.

"All that's really going to do is bolster our numbers and get more support. Anywhere people are arrested, support just grows," said Rodriguez.

Just this week Occupy Oakland grabbed worldwide attention when protesters clashed with police several times. One incident left an Iraq War veteran injured along with several officers.

Occupy Fresno is a much smaller group. The local occupy groups popped up to support the Occupy Wall Street movement. It began as a way to stand up against what protesters are calling corporate greed and a lack of trust in government.

Protesters here say if arrested they will return to the park once released from jail. Action News also reached out to the Fresno County Sheriff's Office, but no one was available to say how deputies will handle the possible eviction here at Courthouse Park.

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