S. Valley marijuana investigation leads to arrests

FRESNO, Calif.

63-year-old Richard Daleman was arrested for attempting to sell hundreds of pounds of marijuana across state lines.

Deputies also arrested 51-year-old Tina Graham, 49-year-old Kevin Parish, and 58-year-old Martin Wolford.

Tulare County Sheriff's Investigators and federal drug enforcement agents shot this video of hundreds of marijuana plants hanging in Richard Daleman's backyard shed.

"It was not elaborate at all - it was hanging in the house, hanging in the garage, hanging in the backyard. He was hanging it like he was free to do so legally," Lt. Tom Sigley of the Tulare County Sheriff's Office said.

This isn't Daleman's only run-in with sheriff's investigators. Following a 2009 arrest for growing and selling pot, Daleman was victorious in court and even given 12 pounds of marijuana back.

Tulare County deputies tried to serve a search warrant at his house this past summer for having roughly 2800 marijuana plants.

In response, Richard Daleman told them he just provides the land for 28 other medical marijuana card holders who each had a prescription to grow 99 plants. Deputies were forced to leave the plants.

The county also took daleman to court to try to move his pot growing operation. That legal battle continues.

In the midst of all these court actions, federal DEA agents and Tulare County Sheriff's Deputies were conducting their own investigation.

"We concluded thru a 4 month investigation we'd been conducting on Mr. Daleman that he did have intent to distribute approximately 200 pounds of marijuana across state lines," Sigley said.

Investigators say they found more than 1100 pounds of medical marijuana that was not being used for medical purposes. In fact, Daleman even sold marijuana to undercover sheriff's deputies.

"It convolutes the whole system, the whole medical card, because a lot of these growers are hiding the medical card and it confuses people, it confuses jurors but 1,100 pounds obviously is not medical," Sigley said.

Daleman is in court this afternoon for his arraignment

We contacted Daleman's attorney but he refused to comment on the case.

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