College of the Sequoias daycare remains closed


Back in May, toddler-size chairs, tables and other school supplies were moved out of the College of the Sequoias' child development center after school officials found seven patches of mold on walls throughout the building. The closure upset parents who relied heavily on the daycare to watch their kids while they're in class.

Five months later, the daycare is running a few blocks away at Heart of the Valley Church. COS' Interim President Brent Calvin says the school does not have the money to get rid of the mold.

COS is already dealing with a more than $2 million deficit. Compared to one year ago, 15% less classes are being offered and summer classes remain closed.

COS also has reduced its staff by roughly 35-people in the last two years. What do all these budget cut backs mean for the child development center?

In the next 6-12 months administrators will present a plan to the board on how to make repairs to the building. Either way those repairs won't be done for another few years.

Mary Thompson and her 4-year-old son hope the child development center can open sooner.

If COS can't get funding for the repairs, the school will have to take out a loan for the project and won't be able to start it until 2013 at the earliest.

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