Fresno County detectives search for Halloween rapist

FRESNO, Calif.

The assault happened at the /*Hillcrest Travel Plaza*/, a truck stop in a secluded area of Fresno County, near Avenal.

Sheriff's investigators told Action News the victim had seen her attacker at the truck stop at least twice before she was raped.

Now, one of her co-workers said she recognized the other suspect. The unidentified woman saw him just an hour before the attack.

The victim was working in an office behind a convenience store at the truck stop. "She was in the business at that time, by herself," said Sgt. Kevin Smith with the Fresno County Sheriff's Office. "When the suspect knocked on the door, she came to the door and opened it and he forced his way into the building at that time."

Sgt. Smith said based on security footage another man appeared to play look-out, keeping watch for more than an hour during the attack.

"It's been really rough since it happened," said an unidentified employee at the truck stop. Her shift ended just a short time before her friend was raped. She and her co-workers have been frightened ever since.

"We're in shock," she said. "We feel for her, she's a really good person. It could've happened to any of us."

She also said she recognizes the man detectives say was the look-out. "I remember him being there before, before I left," she said.

Investigators said violent attacks like this are rare in the county. They said they're fortunate to have these security images, hoping someone will spot these men and turn them in.

Investigators said the suspects were seen driving away from the truck stop in a car similar to a 1993 Toyota Camry or Lexus LS 400. The car is a forest green four-door with chrome 'star wheels.'

Both men have tattoos on their arms, but investigators do not have a clear description of the tattoos.

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