New record set in Two Cities Marathon

FRESNO, Calif.

Marathon organizer, Debra Schmitt, says the tenth annual event has grown dramatically. Schmitt says, "It started out very small. We had roughly 350 people the first year and it's grown now to over 6,000 participants."

Jeff Galloway ran this year's race. Galloway is a marathon coach who competed as part of the 1972 U.S Olympic Team. He says, "This event is one of the best regional events I've ever seen; It's very well organized."

Miguel Nuci set a new record at this year's event. He tore through more than 26 miles in 2 hours and 21 minutes.

Lynae Thornton says the cooler temperature was the ideal running weather. She says, "It was perfect, a little chilly but perfect. You warmed up so fast and you couldn't feel a thing."

Organizers say it takes over a year to plan this event. On Sunday, portions of Friant Road, Shepherd Avenue and some roads in Old Town Clovis were closed during the race. Despite the closures, churchgoers say the large detour signs made for an easy drive to their service.

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