First rain and cold weather and now -- fog

TULARE, Calif.

ABC30's Fog Tracker reported areas of thick fog in parts of the South Valley Monday morning. The area hit the worst -- rural neighborhoods just outside of Tulare's city limits.

School officials usually gauge how thick the fog is by how many power poles they can see. This morning, only one could be seen prompting /*Buena Vista Elementary*/ to delay school for 2 hours. "We have about a 200 yard measurement we use as a basis for our decision making and it was pretty foggy this morning," said Superintendent Carole Mederos.

Glen Bohnstedt, who drops off his two grand kids at Buena Vista Elementary School every morning, knew right away students were going to be delayed. "I got up and went outside -- and like I said we could see half a block in that area so we knew it was going to be a fog delay schedule."

The fog creeps in especially thick in this rural part of Tulare County and can prove dangerous for the bus driver responsible for picking up most of Buena Vista's students.

"Most of the kids that live in the district ride the bus and we don't want the bus going out if our bus driver can't see," said Mederos.

"It's actually pretty good because sometimes in October you have fog so this year it's in November," said Bohnstedt.

Sundale Elementary School, in a rural area near Tulare, was also delayed Monday morning. Buena Vista administrators said Monday was the first of probably about 10 foggy delays for the school year. The district usually sees about 3 cancellations a year from the fog.

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