10 Visalia homes burglarized, doors kicked open


Police are concerned since all 10 break-ins have happened the same way. Also, all 10 of the home burglaries happened on the south side of the city, both on the west and east ends.

One witness, who spoke to Action News on condition of anonymity, said she saw a group of four men leave her neighbor's home after it was burglarized.

"I knew that they didn't belong here," she said. "They looked suspicious; I knew that they were up to no good for sure." She said she came home Tuesday morning and watched as a heist unfolded in her neighborhood.

"I didn't see any items, it looks like their coats were either stuffed or they were big people," she said. "It looked like maybe they had something in there." She said crooks broke into her neighbor's house through the front door.

Most recently, the thieves have hit homes near West and Loyola, and Whitendale and Court. Visalia Police Lieutenant Brian Winter said home burglaries are not uncommon there. But it's rare to have crooks kick in the front door at 10 homes -- all on the south side of the city.

"We're really encouraging our citizens, especially those that might be home all day, to be extra vigilant. And report any suspicious activity in their neighborhoods," Lt Winter said.

"It needs to stop, it needs to stop before it escalates. They're obviously feeling like they can keep doing it. What if somebody's home," questions the unidentified neighbor.

Police say no one was home at the time of these burglaries. And their best advice if you're not home during the day is to find a neighbor who is, so they can keep an eye out for suspicious activity.

Police also said the car spotted at one of the burglaries is a dark-colored four-door sedan. The witness Action News spoke to said the car may be a Chrysler with chrome rims, tinted windows and an out of state license plate.

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