Son of former Huron Mayor killed in Coalinga


Coalinga Police Chief Cal Minor says investigators are trying to sort out the story of the man who said he shot in self-defense. "He advised us he had fired a weapon at an individual who entered the rear of his residence who was also armed and fired a gunshot at him."

The man who claimed he was defending his home against the intruder was identified as 47 year old Jose Lamas. During the investigation police determined Lamas was wanted on a felony drug charge. He was taken into custody.

Minor says there is some credibility to Lamas' claim of self-defense. Two guns were found at the scene. "Some of the preliminary evidence supports that but we still have a long investigation to do." Minor said.

But Dominguez' family disputes the account. His wife Ruby told Action News that her husband "was not breaking in to the house."

Dominguez' Niece, Erica Feliciano told Action News her uncle was at the home with other people, and believes a dispute may have erupted over a drug deal. "He was not trying to break in." She said.

When asked if he could have been involved in a drug deal she said, "Yes, the people he was with, maybe him too, I can't say he's innocent either."

Chief Minor says the drug link is being investigated. He notes neighbors have reported suspected drug activity at the house. Minor says the big problem right now is finding the others who were at the house when the shooting occurred.

"We have determined there were a number of other individuals either at the residence or in the vicinity. We have them identified," said Chief Minor. "We are trying to locate them to get statements to piece together what happened."

Minor says Dominguez was shot in the shoulder and leg and fled from the backyard of the house through a fence. A revolver was found in the yard. He managed to run about two blocks then collapsed in front of a home. Neighbors rushed out and tried to help. One of those neighbors, Tommy Maize told the "He was shot in the shoulder above the heart... there was a lot of blood. It was all over."

Maize said he called 9-1-1 while another person tried to get Dominguez into his car to drive him to the hospital. Maize said paramedics arrived within a minute and a half. Minor told Action News Dominguez died at the hospital, and apparently bled to death from his wounds.

Juan Lamas remained in custody Thursday night. Timothy Dominguez was 31 years old. He is survived by a wife and three children.

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