Several pit bulls are rescued in Fresno County

FRESNO, Calif.

After a parole search, investigators found five pit bull breed dogs with severe signs of neglect. The owner, 42-year old Sergio Angulo was taken into custody.

The pictures show the extent of the alleged abuse. Most of the dogs were tied to posts in the ground with heavy chains. They could be seen with their ribs, skull, and backbones showing.

Jordan Logoluso with Orange Cove Police said, "None of the animals had any shelter. They were left out in the cold, no food or water. The animals were basically forced to lie in their own feces."

Officers noticed the dogs when they were conducting a parole search at the Orange Cove home. They didn't find the man they were looking for. Instead, they arrested his father, Sergio Angulo, on charges of animal cruelty. Maria Angulo is his wife. Maria Angulo, the suspect's wife said, "It's sad that my husband is in jail right now for something that he didn't do."

She says the dogs were tied up so they wouldn't run away. She also claims, they were fed every day.

Action News asked, "You know the cops were saying their bones were sticking out?"

Maria Angulo replied, "That is not true. If you see the pictures, maybe, if they showed the dog that was sick, maybe that one, but if you see all my other dogs, no. They were not."

Investigators say this is the second arrest in two weeks regarding animal abuse in the city of Orange Cove. The allegations are especially troubling for Becky Holly.

Holly works at the Fresno Bully Rescue, a non-profit organization that takes in abused and abandoned pit bulls. She says, they receive 300 e-mails a week regarding new rescues. And while rehabbing most pits is do-able, the ones from Orange Cove may need some extra time.

Holly said, "It can take a couple of days for some dogs. It can take up to a year. It just depends on the dog, how long they've been without resources or human affection." Affection, these pits are now getting. And because of that, they're all expected to survive.

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