Puppy rescued after getting paw stuck in drain

November 15, 2011 11:20:05 PM PST
It was a first for firefighters in Sacramento who were called to the rescue of a puppy who got her paw stuck in a shower drain.

The puppy named "Lulu" was getting a bath when she somehow got her back paw wedged in the drain.

Her owner, Keith Brewer, couldn't get her paw free and after an hour or so Brewer had to call the fire department.

A veterinarian was brought in to sedate Lulu while firefighters cut the drain apart.

"She freaked out and she was going backwards and she got her paw stuck," said Brewer.

The vet checked Lulu's paw out and said it was just fine. Her owner said next time he will take more care in order to avoid a repeat accident.