Nov. 14 AM Live Ag Report

FRESNO, Calif.

Drought has withered grain across the great plains. Flooding drowned corn from Nebraska to Louisiana.

But an Associated Press review shows the farm service agency made fewer than 300 emergency loans though the end of September.

They totaled just $32 and half million dollars.

Some farmers say they aren't taking out the disaster loans because recent high crop prices gave them enough money to bounce back.

Others say there are better aid programs available .


Nut harvests are winding down across the valley and growers have reason to smile this year.

They say all walnut, almond and pistachio crops are exceptional.

Pistachio growers in particular say they've been surprised by their second-largest crop ever.

This was considered an off year for pistachios because of last year's record crop.

Pistachio trees typically cycle between high and low yields.

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