Two missing Fresno girls have been found

FRESNO, Calif.

An 11-year-old girl and a 9-year-old girl went missing Friday morning. They were last seen at a home on Iowa near 6th Street in Southeast Fresno. The two girls were found Saturday night in an alley two miles from their home.

Family friends say these two young sisters are now safe at home.

Hue Xiong told Action News the girls are shaken up after they disappeared from their home for Friday morning. "They were scared and crying, they still were sad, just crying."

Fresno Police say the girls left their home after telling their younger sister they were going to a slumber party.

More than a day later, the girls were found sitting on a tattered couch in an alley behind a Southeast Fresno market. An employee there tried to talk to the girls throughout the day to find out why they were not at home.

Choua Vang said, "He went, he approached them three times, asking them where are your parents, where do you live? They kept saying they didn't know."

Eventually workers at the market brought the girls inside and fed them. The man who found them decided to send out a message over a Hmong radio station. Hue Xiong heard that message and alerted his friends that their kids were safe. "I told the parents, and the police and detectives they go away to the Bingo."

Choua Vang said, "They looked tired, their feet were dirty. Both of them each had on sweaters and jackets to stay warm. We asked them where they were staying at night and they wouldn't tell us."

As officers spent the day searching the area for the two girls - neighbors say they couldn't believe the girls would just go missing. "She doesn't seem like the type of little girl that's going to just run off," said Victoria Hernandez.

While detectives tried to figure out why the girls went missing -- one person from the home was taken away in the back of a police car -- and Investigators spent time taking pictures inside the home.

From the beginning, Fresno Police said they did not suspect foul play. The reason the girl's left the home is still unclear.

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