Occupy Wall Street movement clashes with authorities

FRESNO, Calif.

Around one o'clock in the morning on Tuesday, at the center of the Occupy Wall Street world, hundreds of police officers in riot gear occupied the park where the national movement started.

After almost two months, New York's mayor said health and safety conditions at the camp in Lower Manhattan became intolerable. "There is no ambiguity in the law here. The first amendment protects speech. It does not protect the use of tents and sleeping bags to take over a public space."

The city said its plan was simply to clean Zuccotti Park and let protesters back in -- but without camping gear. Lawyers for the protesters immediately got a court order blocking those restrictions, The park stayed closed while attorneys for the two sides battled it out.

The New York sweep comes a day after police in Oakland did the same thing. From coast to coast the occupy movement has inspired thousands to speak out against corporate greed and income inequality. But outbreaks of violence are testing the public's tolerance.

In New York, where police arrested around 180 Tuesday morning, it's been a peaceful protest, but people living in permanent homes near the tent city complain about noise and filth.

Now the occupy movement is at a crossroads. Cleaning out the park where it all started could mark the beginning of the end -- or it could galvanize protesters looking to make a major statement two months after the occupation began.

Occupy Protesters in Oakland were back at Frank Ogawa Plaza at City Hall on Tuesday.

Police cleared out the protesters' encampment early Monday morning and Oakland Police arrested 33 people.

Several hundred people re-grouped late Monday night at the city's main library and marched to the plaza. Police say they can assemble as long as they remain peaceful and don't try to re-establish the encampment.

Tuesday Occupy Oakland demonstrators joined Occupy Cal-Berkeley for a strike on U-C Berkeley's campus. Dozens of students and faculty at the university gathered for teach-ins at an outdoor plaza.

It's part of a campus strike to protest banks and budget cuts. The protesters are trying to establish an encampment on campus. Police made 40 arrests in a violent confrontation with protestors last time they defied orders and tried to set up a camp.

In the Central Valley, Occupy Fresno protesters continue to face arrests. Two demonstrators were arrested early Tuesday morning at Fresno's Courthouse Park for failing to leave the park after the midnight curfew. Protestors have been returning to the park after 6 a.m. when they are allowed to be there. Fresno County Sheriff's Deputies have been making the arrests nightly for over a week.

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