Truck drivers have new license testing site

FRESNO, Calif.

The Department of Motor Vehicles says the brand new state of the art facility will help ease congestion seen at other DMV offices that are normally located in residential neighborhoods, and truck drivers and the people who grade them are particularly excited about the new center.

People who drive these massive big rig trucks now have a new place to get their commercial licenses.

The DMV unveiled a brand new state of the art testing facility at a ribbon cutting ceremony in Southwest Fresno on Wednesday.

Marty Gonzales is the man who decides whether a truck driver will pass or fail their driving test.

The license examiner says the six and a half acres of space at their new facility is a much needed improvement over other local DMV offices.

"If you take a look this place now, you can do probably three times as much now. And it'll probably go faster because we have more examiners, more space," Gonzales said.

It's not just the examiners who are excited about the new testing center.

Driving instructors like Gustavo Cisneros of Proteus Trucking favor this lot over other Valley DMV offices.

"It's smaller. More crowded. Cars coming in and out when you're testing and it's kind of hard. Gets you nervous. That's why a lot of guys fail because they get nervous with the cars around them," Cisneros said.

Ten employees will work at the new test center on weekdays, and this is the first commercial-only testing site in the Central Valley.

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