Woman found dead in dumpster, family speaks out

FRESNO, Calif.

Srey's children told Action News -- they're devastated by their mother's death and hope police are close to finding her killer. The 52-year-old mother of five was found dead on the street where she frequently walked to collect scrap metal for money.

This is the most recent photo of /*Limbo Srey*/. Two of her five children told Action News the Cambodian refugee has always had a hard time making ends meet.

/*Julian Srey*/, the victim's son said, "We don't know any other family members that was our only rock and now we have each other's shoulders to lean on."

Srey's body was discovered Sunday in a dumpster in East Central Fresno. Police say she was shot in the head and intentionally targeted. The dumpster has since been removed by police and seized as evidence.

The news devastated her children, who say Srey was in the process of turning her life around. An INS parolee, she had just been given permission to get a permit so she could start working again. She was supposed to get that permit next month.

Veura Srey, the victim's daughter said, "I wish and I know that the police will find whoever did this and find justice for my mom."

Julian Srey said, "In the end it's not in our hands it's two people we have to leave it in and that's the detective's hands and in god's hands."

Those who knew Srey say she frequently walked and worked on the street where she was found. She was often seen looking for recyclables to trade in for cash.

Srey has had prior contacts with law enforcement and investigators are using that information to see if it can lead them to her killer.

/*Veura Srey*/ said, "I just want everyone to know that in memory of my mom she was the greatest strongest woman I've ever met."

Srey's children are in the process of making funeral arrangements for their mother.

Police are asking anyone with information to call them immediately.

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