16-hundred gallons of milk donated to FoodLink in Visalia

FRESNO, Calif.

FoodLink in Visalia received more than 16-hundred gallons of milk.

The donation came from /*Land O'Lakes*/ which gave more than six-thousand gallons of milk to food pantries across the Central Valley.

Milk is rarely donated because of its short shelf-life, but Land O'Lakes officials said they planned four months in advance to make sure those who needed it most would have milk.

FoodLink employees say it will be delivered to families for Thanksgiving.

Stan Patrick, Foodlink said, "The backpack program youth will be able to take the milk home for the weekends and sustain through the following school week."

Pete Garbani, Land O'Lakes said, "We realize there are people out there less fortunate than us and we want to be part of feeding the communities we do business in."

The milk donation in Tulare County is expected to be able to feed close to 10-thousand people.

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