Occupy Fresno's Day of Action

FRESNO, Calif.

Standing on every corner of Blackstone and Nees, more than 100 demonstrators chanted, held signs, and encouraged drivers to honk in support of the Occupy movement.

Thursday's protest wasn't organized by the Occupy Fresno group, who has been living at Courthouse Park since early October.

Instead, local unions initiated the effort, saying they too, are upset about corporate greed and the state of our economy.

Lynn Nolan of Fresno said, "I'm just tired of the corporate ownership of our politicians and I'd like to see things changed."

Dave Celaya of Fresno said, "We're fighting for the middle class. We're fighting for trying to improve this community and the way to do that is by higher wages and better benefits."

Fresno Police officers patrolled the area, but did not intervene during the protest. The group however was met with some opposition.

Franka Haugan of Fresno said, "I'm very frustrated because they like to demonstrate and do nothing. I have always worked for fifty years of my life!"

After nearly two hours, the demonstration was over. Some people returned to Downtown Fresno's courthouse, where they vowed to keep the Occupy movement alive.

Rosendo Rodriguez of Fresno said, "There's no point where this has to stop or where it's going to stop until things start changing."

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