State projects ample water supply

FRESNO, Calif.

The agency is projecting everybody will get at least 60 per cent of the maximum possible supply right now. Sarge Green, of the Center for Irrigation Technology at Fresno State say's it's a good sign.

"60 per cent is a little more than half, but it's at the beginning of the year before we've had any of our major precipitation so that means there is water in the bank already," Green said.

Last year at this time the State was projecting it's users would get only 10 percent of the supply, they ended up with 50 per cent.

State water irrigates almost two hundred thousand acres in Kings County through the Tulare Lake Basin Water Storage District. General Manager Mark Gilkey says the early projection is promising.

"Oh it's really good news. As the farmers in our district make cope plans it gives an idea of the water supply," he said.

Other major irrigators, like the Westlands Water District depend on supplies from the Federal Water project, and those projections aren't expected for another month.

Overall, the water situation looks good, but Ryan Jacobson, Director of the Fresno County Farm Bureau says it's a little early to guess what's ahead.

"We're in California. It's a boom or bust cycle, we happened to be in one of those wet periods right now, that could turn around in an instant," he said.

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