Fresno home houses the ultimate Christmas collection

FRESNO, Calif.

But the Goodwin family of Fresno has been ready for a month.

The decorations outside offered just a taste of what's to come inside. We discovered a Christmas collection like no other.

An endless selection of Santas provides the holiday cheer. Marshall Goodwin said, "Santa Clauses, I think I have close to 350-400 of those."

But the nutcrackers know there's much more on the second floor. Goodwin said, "I have close to 200 nutcrackers."

During Ruby and Marshall Goodwin's 40 years of marriage they have collected a few Christmas items.

Ruby explained, "One of the things he says is, excess is only the beginning."

Her husband added, "We've collected them anytime we've been on a trip. If we see something Christmas-y why we've gotta have it."

It's easy to lose track of time inside because the northwest Fresno home overwhelms you with the Christmas spirit. Marshall Goodwin said, "I like to share and this is a wonderful time to share with friends and family. It makes me feel happy. It makes me feel warm."

Ruby said her two grand-daughters soak in every detail. "Just to see their eyes and how happy they are and to share and we've seen them give tours."

An entire section is devoted to nativity scenes. But you can also go to outer space and beyond. Goodwin pointed out, "Well we have the Brooklyn Bridge here and we have the Golden Gate Bridge there."

Starting in September, the retired Fresno State history professor works 8-10 hours a day setting up his themed villages. "If it was a lot of work I wouldn't do it. It's a lot of fun."

Ruby told us visitor reaction is always the same. "Surprise. Much like you did. Oh my goodness."

The Goodwins do have a Christmas tree. Of course it hangs upside down.

I asked, "Was there ever a point long time ago where you said I think we have enough. We're good." Ruby laughed and answered, "Yesterday?"

Come January 1st the large collection goes back into boxes to be stored in the garage.

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