App-cessories for iPad and iPhone

CLOVIS, Calif.

Remember the old school feel of a joystick? Now there is the same style gaming with a twist. Kristy Farley with Toy-R-Us in Clovis explains, "You use your iPad and you're able to download the apps. This is the fun part, to be able to actually use the joystick and play the game, like we used to be able to play."

The iPad sits inside the $80 "iCade" cabinet. It syncs wirelessly and is compatible with 100 Atari classics including Asteroids, Centipede, Pong and Battlezone.

Toys-R-Us has dubbed these types of toys "app-cessories." -- predicting they'll be one of 2011's hottest holiday trends.

Toy makers are debuting at least a dozen different app-cessories. Including Color Studio HD by Crayola. The $25 iMarker for the iPad makes for hours of creative and colorful fun. You can pick out of the 64 colors and you can use the different tools, Whether you want to paint, use markers, colored pencil -- there is no ink, no mess, the kids are gonna have fun. The app includes free-hand drawing as well as coloring pages, special effects and music. Then you're also able to print and share.

The $2 "My3D Viewer" for iPhone and iPod touch taps into the whole 3-d craze. First, download the free "My3D Presents" app , insert your iPhone or iPod touch into the viewer and tilt and turn to experience 3D entertainment and gaming.

Disney Pixar Cars 2 AppMates for iPad range in price from $13 to $20. The AppMates turn any iPad into a virtual play mat. Kids can explore Radiator Springs,Tokyo and many new places to come!

These high tech toys don't phase kids. Toy makers know it's like second nature. "Kids are very tech savvy. It's something they're able to just pick it up, they know automatically to press the button, tap on the screen, make the games work," said Farle.

In fact, with minimal instruction, Kindergartners at Bluff View Preschool in Northwest Fresno were comfortably playing with the app-cessories.

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