Sikh community donates a month of meals to the Poverello House

FRESNO, Calif.

A group of Sikh community members presented a $20,000 check to Poverello House on Saturday, and then they volunteered their time as well, serving meals during lunch.

This is the third year the /*Sikh*/ community has teamed up to pay for a month's worth of meals at the Poverello House and the fundraising effort gets bigger every year.

"Most of the Indians that came here like my father and the other people you see here, we're all pretty hard working people. We want to donate as much as we can from the community. We've been blessed and we've been given quite a bit and we want to make sure we donate at least what we can to the less fortunate and the needy," said volunteer Jay Mukker.

Organizers of the fundraising effort say they plan to continue the annual event, and they're also trying to volunteer as much as possible. The effort comes as the Sikh community celebrates a key month in their culture -- marking the birth of the religion's founder.

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