Burglaries rise in Northeast Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

A notice was sent out to renters at the Le Provence apartments. Management says it's trying to be proactive for the upcoming holiday season. Crime reports show more than one hundred burglaries or theft cases in this neighborhood in the last month.

Crime can happen anywhere, so J.B. and Melissa Quigley are being extra vigilant as the holiday season approaches.

"We're just being careful because we have heard stories," said Melissa Quigley.

Quigley was in her parking lot unloading valuables from her car on Friday evening. "People seem to get a little more desperate, so I'm not leaving my laptop in the car overnight."

J.B. said he constantly sees people making themselves vulnerable. "I see wallets, I see iPods, computers, purses. They leave them right up on the front seat where everyone can see."

According to the Fresno Crime watch website -- a hand full of homes and cars on Foxhill Drive were burglarized in the last 30 days. That includes units at Le Provence.

In the surrounding neighborhood, dozens of burglaries and thefts have been reported. Therecently issued notice recently warns residents to keep valuables out of sight. It also advises people to keep gifts and other expensive items out of their cars and garages.

Crooks struck the same neighborhood this time last year. In one incident -- a home next to Le Provence was broken into. Electronics, jewelry and Christmas gifts were all stolen.

This year Melissa and J.B. said they're grateful they've been reminded about potential holiday dangers. "I think it's helpful, They're being proactive and taking care of their residents."

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