Buchanan High football team's tires slashed

CLOVIS, Calif.

Someone cut the tires of at least four cars in the high school parking lot last night. A Buchanan football player says his team found the slashed tires after returning from an away game. He said all of the vandalized cars had varsity football stickers on them -- including his own.

"It seemed like a lot of our coaches car's tires got slashed and they had a varsity football sticker on them. I have one too on my car, and this guy, Johnny Bravo, his Mustang also got slashed and all those other people got their tires slashed had stickers on there," said Frankie Jimenez.

Clovis Police say they're still investigating if the cars were targeted because their owners are tied to the football team, or if the attack was random.

Officers are also investigating whether the tire slashings are tied to three recent assaults on or near the Buchanan campus. Clovis Police say the most recent incident happened last weekend when several young men jumped a 15-year-old and started kicking and hitting him before stealing his bike.

The other two assaults happened on Halloween night. One of the four victims was taken to the hospital, but none of them suffered life-threatening injuries.

School officials are taking the threat seriously. They recently sent out an automated call to parents that said, "We encourage parents to remember that our school campuses are only patrolled during school hours and at special events."

Anyone with information about the assaults of tire slashings is asked to call Clovis Police.

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