Some shoppers already lining up for bargains

FRESNO, Calif.

They've been waiting in line at the Best Buy in Visalia since Monday morning.

The family was determined to be the first in line this year and they got their wish.

Family members are taking shifts in anticipation of the Best Buy's Black Friday opening at midnight.

Believe it or not, they are not the only people in line this early.

Two other families are also in line behind them.

They're all hoping to get some pretty deep discounts on electronics this Friday.

"I got here at Monday morning 8 in the morning because we're here for Black Friday. there's a 42-inch they have on sale for $199 and there's some other things we're going to get electronics, laptops and stuff," Brandon Strassenburg of Visalia said.

Strassenburg says he realizes waiting in line this early may seem a little crazy, but his family is hoping to snatch five of those 42-inch flat-screen TVs for $199.

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