Valley residents attend holiday bootcamp

FRESNO, Calif.

A group of more than fifty bootcampers came out on their day off to do jumping jacks, squats, pushups and much more at Alta Sierra Middle School in Clovis.

Boot camp participants were eager to get an intense workout in before their Thanksgiving feast.

Jennifer Alcorn has been running the team jab bootcamps since she retired from professional boxing eight years ago.

She usually charges $3 per person, but on Thanksgiving Alcorn asked each member to bring a pie to give to the homeless.

"That's really what I'm trying to do, is create a family atmosphere where people can find balance between fitness, family, spirituality and giving back to the community," Alcorn said.

Although she can push people to their limit, many have seen significant results.

Peter McCarthy weighed three-hundred and fifty pounds just a year ago - until he got a wake-up call up while vacationing with his wife.

"I started hiking with her and I got really sick, just physically, sweating, just couldn't' do what I could do when I was," he said.

That's when McCarthy joined the bootcamp and has since lost more than one hundred pounds.

"I just have a different attitude because now, I can jog to the car or something, it doesn't require me sweating a lot and not out of breath," he said.

Many say they'll be able to enjoy their Thanksgiving meal that much more.

A new body image and good health are just some of the things many here say they're thankful for on this day.

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