Boy critical after Thanksgiving shooting

FRESNO, Calif.

Davione Saint Mary was at a Thanksgiving gathering in Southwest Fresno when a man opened fire.

Police say the boy was an innocent victim of gang violence.

It prompted Police Chief Jerry Dyer to deploy fifty additional officers to the Southwest area, in hopes of preventing any retaliation.

"How are you doing? Do you know why I'm stopping ya?"

From routine traffic stops, to questioning people on the street, it didn't take long for officers to find illegal activity in Southwest Fresno Friday.

"This is a classic meth pipe."

They pulled this car over for a registration violation.

Within seconds, the backseat passenger tried to get away.

"Quit resisting, Fresno Police Department you are under arrest! Stop resisting!"

Officers eventually caught up with the suspect.

Among other things, they confiscated drugs and a ski mask.

Sgt. Joey Alvarez said, "So, he is currently under arrest for felony possession of rock cocaine, violation of parole status, and possession of marijuana."

While these types of arrests are routine city-wide, officers are focusing on the Southwest area this weekend, following a Thanksgiving shooting.

Nine-year old Davione Saint Mary was shot while sitting in the backseat of a relative's car.

The bullet that hit him was fired from across the street, about one hundred feet away.

Charlotte Marie Brown said, "And my niece pulled my nephew out and she said that he wasn't moving. She thought he was dead."

Investigators believe the shooting was gang related and could lead to retaliation.

Some residents say, they have good reason to be scared. Cierra Thrower said, "He likes to go outside and play, and we're like scared because it's like a gang area, and we like don't want him to get hurt or shot."

"We're going to do everything humanly possible to let everyone know this behavior is not allowed, that we are going to continue to be present, be vigilant, and investigate everything fully so this does not happen."

Police have impounded a black suv that witnesses linked to the shooting, but they have not arrested any suspects.

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