Family mourning man killed in cart accident

FRESNO, Calif.

The man is identified as 53 year old Rick Bishoff of Clovis. He was killed after he rolled his golf cart down a steep embankment and was pinned underneath it.

The accident happened around 4:30 Wednesday afternoon in Quail Oaks Ranch, a gated community in Northeast Fresno County near the intersection of Tollhouse and Sample.

Family members said he was cleaning up his property, getting ready for family to arrive at his home for the holiday, when his golf cart and attached trailer slipped in the mud and then rolled about 400 feet down a hillside.

"Last time I was here, we brought some lumber up here. We were going to build a house and live on the same property next to him," said Lucas Starner, a family friend.

Starner said Bishoff was just starting to socialize with family again, following the death of his son, when the incident happened.

"I actually had the first real conversation in many years," said Starner. "He's a real guarded person and I'm sure it has to do with the loss of his son."

Starner said Bishoff was driving down a treacherous foot trail in a gasoline powered utility cart, when it appeared to slip on a rock, flip over and land on top of him.

"It was just the right set of circumstances to crush him," he said.

Bishoff was a prominent builder in the Central Valley. He worked as a project executive for Swinerton Builders, a company that helped construct Friant Dam, Selland Arena and several prisons, hospitals and universities from Bakersfield to Sacramento.

"We will miss him, love him very much and we'll see him when we reunite together in heaven," said his Ex-wife, Kay Bishoff.

Kay said Bishoff had seen his fair share of tragedy over the years. Back in March of 2000, the two lost their son Ricky in a violent high-profile murder case in Madera. That's when then 25 year old Chad Coronado, shot and killed him for his car and pair of shoes.

"They were really close," said Starner.

Now that he's gone, Starner said its up to him to take care of the family.

"He's built a sort of legacy and left me with a big set of boots to fill," said Starner.

He just wishes Bishoff was here to witness he and Bishoff's daughter Kimberly walk down the aisle.

"He'll be missed by a lot of people," said Starner.

Bishoff is survived by his daughter Kimberly and son Brandon. No word yet on when Memorial services will be held.

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