Wiping Away Years From Your Face

FRESNO, Calif.

We're talking about the sagging, swollen skin that spans from under the eye to the top of the cheekbone a condition called festoons.

They make you look tired and older. Now a new laser treatment promises to turn back the hands of time and reveal a younger looking you.

Hairstylist Donna Mart was tired of looking tired. Eye bags and swollen, puffy, skin weredragging her down.

"I would get that comment frequently. Did you not rest, are you tired? Which isn't good. You don't want your clients thinking you're working on them tired," Donna Mart, a woman who suffered with festoons told Action News.

Her festoons were primarily caused by sun damage. The swelling in the eyelids and upper cheek can make you look years older than you are. Dr. Adam Scheiner has perfected a laser technique that can literally wipe away unsightly bags and festoons. It worked for Donna.

"The results since and the comments from my clients and everybody have just been phenomenal," Mart said.

Now it's Mindy Walley Dietterick's turn. She invited us along for her surgery.

"I can't wait to get this done and then look in the mirror and not have these things staring back at me," Mindy Walley Dietterick told Action News.

"So what we can do is take swollen, sun damaged skin and make it smooth, tight and younger looking," Dr. Adam Scheiner from Tampa Eye Clinic told Action News.

The laser zaps away the top layer of Mindy's skin, a second pass tightens it.

"This is like a reset button on the skin, they're actually going to grow their skin all over again and they are going to get brand new skin, almost like baby skin," Dr. Scheiner explained.

Two weeks later Mindy saw results. Results Dr. Scheiner says will last as long as you stay outof the sun.

Dr. Scheiner is one of the only plastic surgeons in the country doing this procedure for festoons and has patients fly in from all over the world. The laser treatment costs start at $5,000.


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