Neighbors react after elderly woman shot

FRESNO, Calif.

Marcella Miller is in intensive care at Community Regional Medical Center.

Fresno County Sheriff's Officials say she may be paralyzed.

She was shot in the face on Thanksgiving morning at her home in San Joaquin.

People who live in the very small community say they still can't believe Miller was shot.

She lives with her 63-year-old daughter, who neighbors say has not been home very much since the shooting.

This afternoon detectives told me they've done several interviews, but they're still looking for the man who shot the defenseless woman.

For three days, Fresno County sheriff's investigators have been trying to figure out who broke into the San Joaquin home and shot Miller in the face.

Maria Lopez has lived two doors down from miller and her daughter for the past five years.

She says she still cannot understand why someone would attack her elderly neighbor, but she hopes the shooter has a guilty conscience.

"I don't know what's going through their mind. I mean, their conscience must be killing them right now. But, the truth is, I hope they come forward and say they did it. If they had so much guts to go into the house and do that, they should just come forward," she said.

Neighbors said detectives have been going door to door interviewing everyone in hopes of tracking down the home invader.

Antonio Valdez lives down the street from Miller. He says crime like this doesn't and shouldn't happen in San Joaquin.

"It's never happened. It's a very big surprise for everybody," he said.

Detectives say the shooter broke into Miller's home early Thanksgiving morning. He confronted Miller and her daughter, then shot Miller in the face.

She's now in the hospital on a ventilator.

A bullet is lodged in her spine, which may leave her partially paralyzed.

Detectives say this is an isolated incident but they're uncertain whether Miller and her daughter were targeted.

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