S. Valley burglars rob prominent jewelry store

FRESNO, Calif.

The break-in happened at David Horowitz Jewelry in Porterville, on Main Street near Mill Avenue.

Long-time Porterville jeweler David Horowitz says Monday's burglary couldn't have come at a worse time.

"As I try and hold it together it hurts, you know. I mean, this is our month. We're not going to have our month my family relies on this to earn a living so," he said.

Shattered glass is still in the middle of the Downtown Porterville store.

The thieves got away with $200 thousand in jewelry after breaking in through the back door in the middle of the night.

"At that point they just took and rammed the door and just ripped this whole piece out right here," Horowitz said.

Investigators say they arrived within a couple minutes of the burglary.

"We utilized the TCSO and the Highway Patrol and perimetered around the whole block and made entry and checked the inside," Sgt. Ronald Moore of the Porterville Police Department said.

At one point officers heard a noise and thought the suspects may still be inside the store. They sent a K9 into the basement and attic to check if the burglars were still there.

"If they crawled in there to get away they would have been trapped," Horowitz said.

Horowitz believes the burglars had been in the store before because it appeared they knew exactly where the highest-priced items were.

"They got all my wedding sets, primarily. I think I have 10 left and they got into my diamond case that has all my DeBeers journey pieces with all the diamonds," Horowitz said.

Surveillance video during the crime is not usable and police do not have a suspect description. Investigators did, however, collect a blood sample and fingerprints from the suspects. The evidence has been sent to a state lab for a DNA match.

"I'll let the police do their job I hope they catch them and I hope they get everything they deserve. You know, it's going to make Christmas very rough, we have no inventory to sell," Horowitz said.

Horowitz is having a special sale at the store this weekend with hopes to try and buy some new inventory before Christmas.

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