Father and son shot in Northwest Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

The shooting happened just before 5:30 p.m. at a home on Indianapolis and Barcus.

Family members tell Action News one of the victims is 21-year-old Jerry Manning Junior, who recently played on the Fresno City College football team.

The two victims live at the home.

One family member who witnessed the shooting says, his 21-year-old brother was shot outside, while he was sitting in his car.

His dad was shot inside the house.

"The first thing we heard was five shots go off, pop pop pop."

Seconds after hearing those shots, Jebril Manning says his older brother, 21-year-old Jerry Manning Junior ran inside the house for help.

Jebril Manning said, "My brother come running in and said, they're shooting at me. And my dad walking by the door, and said who's shooting at you? And they came in and shot at my dad as well."

Both father and son were struck multiple times.

Jebril says the two were conscious, and that he did all he could before emergency crews arrived.

"I'm a marine, so I know procedures and stuff, so I applied pressure and stuff. It's a bad situation."

Larry Kirven also rushed to help. He is related to the Mannings and lives inside their home.

He pulled up moments after the shooting.

Larry Kirven said, "When I got here, I seen that my cousin's door was open, and I seen the bullet holes, so I ran in the house, dropped the bags that I had in my hands and I ran in and saw both my cousins laying on the floor."

According to Fresno Police, Manning Junior was sitting inside his parked car when more than one person walked up and started shooting.

Lt. Anthony Martinez said, "I can tell you that the suspects were on foot when they shot at the victims, but as far as how they got here and how they left is still part of the active investigation."

Family members say they know who the gunman is, but claim they have no idea why this happened.

They say Manning Junior is not involved with gangs.

He played football at Fresno City College, and has a son.

"Just bad blood, bad blood brings more bad blood."

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