Do you have a gift card from Zena's?

FRESNO, California

The closure has generated a lot of comments on our ABC30 Facebook page, with some saying they purchased gift cards as recently as two weeks ago. After Action News started looking into the closure, the owner of the business decided to offer partial credit on some gift cards, but only those purchased within the last two months.

Fresno doctor Virender Kaleka purchased the spa in 2009 and said the economy is to blame for the bankruptcy. He also owns Simran Medical Spa in Northeast Fresno, which is still open for business.

We went to the spa to see if he had any plan on compensating cardholders. He initially said he wouldn't, but Action News was contacted later with a change of heart.

In a statement, the business owner said "For customers who have purchased a gift card within the last two months, we will be offering a 50 percent credit in the form of a laser hair removal, CO2 skin rejuvenation, smart lipo, and weight loss."

Better Business Bureau C.E.O Blair Looney called the offer fair because the business doesn't legally have to give customers anything. But he says there's a lesson to be learned for consumers. "It's not like a savings account where it's going to get some maturity to it and you're going to get some additional benefits. Get that gift card and use it as a gift card, and enjoy the gift you were given," said Looney.

In order to get partial credit for the recently purchased gift cards, you'll need to take your gift cards to Simran Medical Spa in Northeast Fresno and have proof of their balance.

We've also heard from a couple of Fresno businesses, who are offering discounts for people who have Zena's gift cards. The Spa and Hungry Hair Salon has several of the former Zena's massage therapists and is offering 25% off of services and products with your Zena's giftcard. Head over Heels in Northeast Fresno is offering 50 % off of certain services.


50 percent credit toward services at Simran Medical Spa
Herndon and Cedar
*Offer only good for gift certificates purchased during last two months, must have proof of balance and date of purchase

25% discount toward services and products at The Spa and Hungry Hair Salon
Fig Garden Village
(Several former Zena's employees are now at the spa)

50% discount toward certain services at Head Over Heels
Cedar and Shepherd

Refunds are available for unused Groupons.
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