Reaching out on World AIDS Day


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The Kings County Health Department held a World AIDS Day event at the Government Center in Hanford.

The topic, stopping the stigma that - they say - can go along with having AIDS or HIV.

Hanford resident James Green has been living with HIV for 17 years. He says having the virus can sometimes make you feel isolated.

Health officials in the South Valley say the number of people with HIV has risen compared to ten years ago.

In fact, the number of cases of the HIV virus in Kings County has grown from 25 people in 2001, to 60 in 2011.

Araceli Gomez, health educator said, "It has increased and unfortunately it will continue to increase is a lack of knowledge and lack of willing to test because we can't get people to come in unless they want to."

The number of people infected with HIV-AIDS has also risen in Tulare County. In 2006, Tulare County had 16 cases, compared with 24 so far this year.

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