Toddler wanders into a Central Fresno pool

FRESNO, Calif.

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It was a perfect storm of events in Central Fresno that led to this accident. It happened around 1:30 Thursday afternoon at a home on Dayton and Lafayette.

Homeowner Monica Irles says the wind blew down a portion of the fence in her backyard while she was away at a doctor's appointment with her husband. That's when she says - a two year old boy from next door - wandered through the hole in the fence, into her backyard and fell into the pool. When she got home paramedics had pulled him from the water and were performing CPR.

"Just to know we were being safe with our kids, we didn't know this would happen," said Irles.

Reporter asked, "Kind of a freak accident?"

"Exactly," replied Irles. "The wind blew down the fence, for this to happen is just crazy and to know another mom is suffering, my heart just goes out to her."

Paramedics performed CPR on the boy as he was rushed to Community Regional Medical Center. The boy was later transferred to Children's Hospital. He was last listed in critical condition.

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