Valley residents endure frigid night in the dark

FRESNO, Calif.

That's down significantly from the nearly 84,000 homes where power was affected by the high winds on Thursday.

PG&E says most of the remaining outages are concentrated north of Clovis, in the area of Nees and Copper Aves, and east from Willow to Armstrong.

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PG&E says its crews worked through the night to restore power. They also brought in about 20 extra crews from out of town.

For many Valley families, the wait for power to be restored began to wear on their patience.

"It was an hour and a half wait to talk to someone on the phone," said Bill Charette of Clovis. "I don't know what time it is now, and we still have no power. The situation is exactly as it was at three in the morning."

Charette and his family are hoping to have their power restored soon. For now, they're getting by with candles.

Further down the street, Mike Morris is keeping a small flow of power to his house with the help of a generator. "I got home from work and the lights were still out, so figured I'd fire it up," Morris said. "I got two lights in the house and the two fridges are still on."

The power in that Clovis neighborhood is out because of a downed tree. When it toppled over -- like so many others in the Valley -- it took these power lines with it.

Nearby Century Elementary was without power all day Thursday. It's one of several Clovis schools affected by the wind. Clovis Unified said classes continued as close to normal as possible.

Meanwhile, in Northeast Fresno, a massive outage and traffic problem was caused by the downed tree at Shepherd and Millbrook. Power lines became tangled around cars that were driving through when the lines dropped.

PG&E crews still have a lot of work ahead of them, but they should have a lot less wind to contend with.

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