Women run over by the same truck they were in

FRESNO, Calif.

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The driver of the pickup truck was parking it when he got out while it was still in gear. The two women who were still in the pickup got scared and jumped out.

The CHP says each of the women were run over by the front tires of the full-size Toyota pickup.

The truck eventually crashed into another parked vehicle, pinning both women under a tire. A Good Samaritan saw the crash and jumped into action.

Sgt. Brian Yokley said, "We had a passer-by who actually stopped and witnessed the collision, removed the tire jack from his own vehicle and jacked the vehicle up off the top of them."

Both women were taken to the hospital, one with moderate injuries, and the other with moderate to major injuries.

As for the Good Samaritan, once investigators and paramedics arrived he packed up his jack and left.

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