Struggling to lose weight?

FRESNO, Calif.

We're all guilty of eating while multitasking, but playing on your computer or watching T.V. while you eat lunch makes it harder to remember what you've consumed -- and that can make you fat.

Researchers from Bristol University believe memory plays a crucial role for our appetites. To keep yours in check, practice mindful eating.

Tip one: set your watch and take 20 minutes to eat your next meal. Some research suggests it takes 20 minutes for the brain to register that the body has eaten enough.

Tip two: try eating with your non-dominant hand, if you usually eat with your right, place the fork in your left. The dominant hand is ten percent stronger, eating with the other, may help you slow down.

Tip three: Chopsticks. They're not just for sushi. Use them to eat other foods as well. And if you're not very good, they too will help you slow down when you eat.

Simple tips to keep your mind on your food and your waistline in check.

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