New mascara offers option for the busy

FRESNO, Calif.

It's a semi-permanent process that can save time and money.

We have a look at the process works and create lush lashes, without all the touch-ups.

Katherine Marquez's morning makeup routine is usually done on-the-go because she says she's always on the go herself.

The 27-year-old busy mom of three from Sanger is a certified nursing assistant and works long hours, so when she heard about a semi-permanent mascara at Spectrum Salon in Northwest Fresno she thought it could save her time in the morning and keep her looking her best throughout the day.

"The fact that this is just a mascara and it stays on - that appeals to me," she said.

Megan Shelton is an aesthetician who's certified to apply the semi-permanent mascara, called Cry Baby.

The product's maker says it's an anti-microbial, flexible coating that adds, color, thickness and length to lashes.

Megan says it makes her clients look like they always have mascara on.

"It lasts for 2 weeks. So you jump out of the shower, or you work out or wake up in the morning your mascara is already done," Shelton said.

Katherine starts by curling her lashes.

Cry Baby will set the curl when it's applied, and then the application process begins.

A drying vapor is used for clients whose eyes might water during the process.

Then Megan applies the mascara much like regular mascara, with a wand brush covering each lash with the formula.

The whole process takes about 30 minutes.

Cry Baby semi-permanent mascara at Spectrum Salon runs $60 for an application but first-time clients can get a price break for $50.

Clients say the time saved putting on regular mascara and the time saved on buying mascara, which can run $5-20 a tube, is worth the cost of Cry Baby.

The maker of Cry Baby semi-permanent mascara says it will wear-off naturally, after about a two-week period, but in the meantime it doesn't run or flake.

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