Wood burning ban is expected to resume

FRESNO, Calif.

While you are able to burn wood, logs and pellets, the wood burning ban is expected to resume this week.

The view is anything but clear and crisp. The smoggy haze makes it impossible to even notice the snow-capped mountains.

For the first time in a week Valley residents on Monday were able to use their fireplaces to stay warm.

Jaime Holt of the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District says a wood burning ban lasted through the weekend. "All that fireplace smoke and all the other pollution being created is really hovering around the Valley floor and we have some pretty nasty air quality."

Since November first we've already had 18 no burn days in Fresno County alone. Fresno Allergist Dr. Bill Ebbeling says fireplace use should only be allowed during rainy or windy conditions. "The idea is you let the burning and fires occur when you know the storms are coming through because it will wash it out. But to burn when we're entering a high pressure dome even though the air is clean, all you're going to do rapidly fill it with dirt."

Holt says Monday's moderate air quality may have allowed for the only allowable burn day of the week. "Unfortunately looking forward through the rest of the week we're expecting to call some no burn days. We're not going to get quite the cooperation from the weather."

The trapped air pollution has nowhere to go.

Valley wide, inspectors have cited close to a hundred violators in the last month and a half. If you're caught burning on a no- burn day, you'll pay $50.00 for a first offense.

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