Some gift ideas that won't break the bank

FRESNO, Calif.

If you have procrastinated on getting that perfect gift, time is ticking.

It used to be that some families would postpone Christmas celebrations until after the New Year because of work, but now a new study shows that more and more people are delaying Christmas because they simply can't afford it.

Well, we are here to help if you really want to enjoy the holidays on time. Here's a few gift ideas most of them around 25 bucks or less!

Holiday gifts should be fun, thoughtful and not too expensive.

First, gloves you don't have to take off when you want to use the phone.

The prices on these have come way down. We found some on Amazon for just $20.

Another items that's dropped way down in price - wireless iPad keyboards. There's one from HP for $25.

It's a great way to pile on the accessories for someone who's getting an iPad from Santa. If you want something that's also a cover- one from Brookstone is just $79.

The cocoon grid it is an ingenious way to keep all your tech gear organized -- it's a great gift for teched ladies with the bottomless purses.

Here's kitchen gift idea: the aerolatte froths your milk just like a professional barrista for just $17.

And one more fun item we couldn't resist - prank packs.

These are fake gift boxes, you pack a real gift in there- something nice, but the recipient unwraps it and thinks you've given them a whole family snuggie or an in-shower coffee machine.

So good luck and most of all -- have fun!

Deloitte's annual holiday survey asked shoppers for the first time whether they planned to wait until January to do the bulk of their shopping for Christmas.

Six percent of the more than 5,000 respondents said they did.

That strategy can pay off.

After Christmas, retailers offer discounts of up to 75-percent on a wider variety of items than they do in the weeks leading up to the holiday.

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