Tulare father delivers baby girl at home

TULARE, Calif.

/*Annabel Fiona Carter*/ is only one-day-old. She was born healthy 6-pounds, 12-ounces. But how she was born came completely unexpected for her parents.

/*Courtney Carter*/ said, "Making breakfast for my other kids and I actually didn't realize I was going into labor."

Courtney is a labor and delivery nurse at Tulare District Hospital. Even though she's considered the expert in the family, she says she was in denial when she went into labor Monday morning, even telling her midwife to wait before heading down to Tulare from Fresno.

Courtney said, "I told her we'd call her when things got a little more serious and she heard how I was breathing and she said I'm coming now.

Courtney planned a home water birth but as she rushed her husband to leave work as quickly as possible, it was clear that wasn't going to happen.

/*Ash Carter*/ said, "So started quickly setting up the pool in here quickly realized there wasn't going to be time for that."

Ash and Courtney rushed to their bedroom to deliver little Annabel. Ash claims he's squeamish giving birth and often refused to watch videos of it.

Ash said, "I'm like no I don't want to see it but there came a time where it was very clear that the midwife wasn't going to make it and so you just go into a different zone."

Between contractions, Courtney instructed her husband on what to do.

Ash said, "When the head did finally come out part of her shoulder ended up coming out too so I hooked my finger underneath her armpit just kind of maneuvered her out."

He even got to make the announcement that they had a girl.

"It's not how I would have planned it at all. At all," said Courtney. "This is our last baby I had my heart set on a water birth something completely different but I wouldn't change it for anything."

Ash said, "Not a lot of guys today have a privilege of delivering their child and really see it as an honor and as something I will really treasure moving forward and share with her."

Annabel Fiona -- a perfect Christmas gift for her family and a bond she'll share with her father forever.

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