Tipton mother & child escape during burglary

TIPTON, Calif.

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Tulare County Sheriff's Deputies say an 18-year-old mother was in her Tipton home sleeping with her one-year-old son when she heard someone breaking into her house through the back door. Frightened, she grabbed her baby and ran to a neighbor's house.

Investigators say earlier in the day, suspects /*Anabel Aguilar*/ and /*Gustavo Delgado*/ had cased the victim's home and even knocked on the door.

The victim didn't answer the door but did get a good look at the suspects and their car.

Sgt. Chris Douglass said, "We were able to put out enough information from her descriptions from earlier in the day and what she had heard and seen as she was fleeing the residence."

Neighbor, Christy Berumen said, "I just seen all the cops going down there and you know it's kind of scary because you know we live so close."

The suspects were arrested in their hometown of Delano when a police officer spotted the suspects' car.

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