Many in the Valley worry about North Korea's future

FRESNO, California

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On Monday, Daniel Kim's thoughts were with those struggling in North Korea. Daniel and his family lived in the region when Kim Jong IL's father, Kim Il Sung was in power. "The North Korean army suddenly came into our house and took him under a gun. That was the last moment I saw my father," said Kim. He managed to escape to South Korea and eventually came to America to pursue a graduate degree, but most of his family never made it out alive. "It's a really sad story but we are not alone though. Many people were kidnapped by them," added Kim.

Analysts say the death of Kim Jong Il likely puts the leadership of North Korea in the hands of his son, 20-something year old, Kim Jong Un. Fresno State professor, Dr. Harald Schweizer says the international community should be wary of the new leader because of his young age and because he was hand-picked by his father to lead the region.

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